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A UK leader in offsite construction recruitment, ARV Solutions has a stellar reputation as the go-to recruiter for the engineering, construction and manufacturing industries.

Following an operational expansion which saw ARV increase it’s employee count to 25 as well as moving to a new larger operation centre at Aztec West Business Park, it was found that the internet provider for this new facility, could only offer a 6-8mbps connection.

This speed, or lack thereof, was not nearly enough for ARV to run and maintain their portfolio of 90 clients.

The next option for ARV was to look at leased line options, though on further research this was not a cost effective option.

Upon discovering Triangle Networks and our ability to offer low cost ultrafast connection, the contract was signed, the connection installed and live within just a couple of weeks.

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“We have really embraced new cloud technologies across the business. Our new recruitment software is fully cloud enabled, so connectivity is crucial. Since joining CityFibre’s network we’ve also implemented ‘voice over IP’ across our work force with great feedback.”

“Triangle and CityFibre have been tremendous every step of the way, delivering a connection for us that is ultrafast and very affordable.”

Jim Roach - Managing Director at ARV Solutions

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