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Why We Use Cookies

Triangle Networks Ltd uses small files which help to keep general functionality of the website running smoothly, and which also help to aid visitor experiences on the website. These files are saved to your device and are known as (‘cookies’). is a great place to learn more about what exactly cookies are.

Cookies We Use

The following is a list of cookies that are used by Triangle Networks Ltd. Depending upon how you use the website not all listed cookies may be downloaded at any one time. The list is provided so that you can make an informed decision on whether you want to opt-out of cookies or not by adjusting your browser settings. You can manage, block and delete cookies from your device browser.

Cookie Consent

This cookie records your consent to cookies being downloaded from Triangle Networks Ltd.

Name cookieconsent_status – Expires 1 Year


These cookies are used in association with YouTube videos that we feature on Triangle Networks Ltd.

Name APISID – Expires 2 Years

Name CONSENT – Expires 22 Years

Name HSID – Expires 2 Years

Name LOGIN_INFO – Expires 2 Years

Name PREF – Expires 2 Years

Name SAPISID – Expires 2 Years

Name SID – Expires 2 Years

Name SSID – Expires 2 Years

Name VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE – Expires 244 Days

Name remote_sid – Expires Unknown

More Information

None of the cookies that Triangle Networks Ltd use work in a way that can personally identify you.

If you navigate to a different website away from Triangle Networks Ltd, that new website will use cookies that may differ to those associated with Triangle Networks Ltd.

Last updated on 18th March, 2018