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In collaboration with leading tech managed services ITEC, we brought one of the continent’s top cheese manufacturers into the gigabit revolution.

Dalter UK, part of the Dalter Group, is an Exeter-based supplier of major restaurant chains and retailers with high quality italian produce. Dalter UK was set up in 2011 but grew rapidly, reaching 10 employed and a turnover of £18 million in just six years.

While Dalter UK remained relatively small team-wise, a simple broadband connection was sufficient. However after their rapid growth, development and relocation to a larger premises in 2017 a second ADSL line was installed. However as activity increased, the low bandwidth began to hamper performance.

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“On the business park where Dalter UK are located, there was no fibre to the cabinet (FTTC), so they were running on ADSL copper and the only alternative was a Leased Line. For a business of Dalter’s size, this was just overkill.”

Joshua Beck - ITEC

For this reason Dalter held back and like so many businesses in its position, simply learned to live with a sub-par connection. However, extra bandwidth was much needed, the company was running it’s systems - even productivity apps - remotely from the Italian parent company’s servers. This would place significant strain on connectivity and made reconnecting post outages - which happened three or four times a day - a time consuming affair.

After launching the CityFibre Exeter Gigabit City project in September of 2018 we opened communications with Dalter UK and by October had installed a superior gigabit connection, where it was much needed. This also proved to be a cost effective solution for Dalter UK, as they now have the same service SLA and fix times as a leased line, but for a fraction of the cost. The 500mb connection has the same price as a 100mb leased line circuit.

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