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Bristol-based JonesMillbank are a video production company, delivering a dynamic array of services from 4k, aerial, 360 degree and VR video content. With a six-strong team delivery all aspects of video production, from shooting through to post production.

Heavily reliant on moving large files and graphics, there is a significant need for speed and reliability. However, JonesMillbank’s ability to compete in a busy market was stifled by a frankly crippling ADSL connection of just 12mpbs down and 1mbps up.

Overnight uploads to client accessible shared locations was common practice, as was sending raw footage to clients via hard-drive and post.

Archaic work-arounds that have no place in a modern, fast paced creative setting.

For Russell Jones, MD of JonesMillbank this ADSL installation was far from a functional connection for their business.

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“We desperately needed something faster, but couldn't get a suitable provider to give us the bandwidth we needed at a realistic price. I can be completely honest when I say this: the CityFibre connection has been a revelation for our business.”

Russell Jones - Managing Director at JonesMillbank

Triangle Networks presented JonesMillbank with the connection they had been crying out for, a 1000mbs gigabit connection and with full fibre connections at their fingertips, JonesMillbank could focus on providing exemplary work.

JonesMillbank very quickly put this connection to good use, operating a cloud system which hosts 14TB of raw and fully produced work, which can now be accessed and distributed rapidly.

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