Case Study: Layered Technologies

Reducing daily upload times from 48 hours to 0.5mbps.

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Layered Technologies, a Bristol-based software provider, connectivity and IT security consultancy has a huge international remit working across EMEA with a wide client base from startups to blue chip organisations.

With heavy reliance on cloud access, having access to a stable, consistent and low latency connection is vital. So upon moving to a new city centre office and the discovery that they could only access a 0.5mbps ADSL line, this was a critical issue.

With daily uploads taking as long as 48 hours, and with teams working from wireless dongles as a stop-gap solution, Layered Technologies approached us to solve this critical connectivity issue.

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“On the business park where Dalter UK are located, there was no fibre to the cabinet (FTTC), so they were running on ADSL copper and the only alternative was a Leased Line. For a business of Dalter’s size, this was just overkill.”

Lee Watts - Managing Director at Layered Technologies

It took just three weeks for the connection to be live, after which Layered Technologies could utilise the total power of full fibre, providing a huge boost to staff productivity and morale.

The circuit speed has also enabled Layered Technologies to implement a range of online tools such as Gmail, Office 365, Adobe, Cisco spark and Webex, providing video conferencing tools that would have struggled on their previous connection.

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