Case Study: Micrima

Helping medical businesses move to brand new facilities.

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Founded in 2006, Mircima is a breast imaging technology company, which utilises radio wave technology to detect forms of cancer in younger women, making the screenings quicker, safer and less painful than traditional mammograms.

After moving to a new city centre location overlooking Bristol’s waterside, Micrima were let down by a host of providers, with both BT Openreach and Virgin deeming the modern site in the city centre unreachable.

This was not an acceptable solution for Micrima, who rely heavily on fast and stable connections for it’s high consumption of data through cloud sharing, as well as Microsoft 365, SharePoint and specialist developer tools.

In this instance time was absolutely of the essence, Micrima required a live connection in time for the move, which was 13 days.

Now benefiting from a gigabit connection, Micrima has the capacity to handle and process huge amounts of data.

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“After being let down repeatedly by the usual prospects, it was a breath of fresh air to work with such an enthusiastic and professional organisation.”

“The entire team was incredibly helpful throughout, They understood our issues with moving office and did everything they could to get us online as soon as possible.”

Dr Peter Bannister - Micrima

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