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Futureproofing businesses with Ultra-fast fibre internet connectivity, enabling game-changing VoIP and cloud services.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes can now enjoy full-fibre internet, with speeds of up to 1,000Mbps affording greater productivity and efficiency.

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What We Do

No matter where your organisation is on the spectrum of technological sophistication, we all share a need for connectivity.

Innovation might be the heart of your business, but reliable lines of communication are what keep it alive.


Internet access is fast becoming the lifeline of any business, with an increasing numbers of businesses relying on reliable, fast connections to operate effectively.

Despite this, many try to limit costs by running their entire operation through insufficient connections; impacting efficiency and, ultimately, the bottom line.

A dedicated full-fibre connection to your premises can increase productivity and will give your business a digital head start over your competitors.

Internet Productivity
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Speeds of up to 1000Mbps
upload AND download

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Truly diverse connection
for ultimate resilience

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Always on call
24/7 telephone support

Gigabit Speed

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Download Speed

80Mbps UK FTTC Broadband - Part Fibre & Part Copper

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Fast Fibre Cable

Street Cabinet

Slow Copper Cable

Your Business


A: ISP Exchange | B: Your Business

450Mbps Gigabit Connectivity - Full-Fibre Network

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Gigabit Speed, Future Proof Connectivity

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A: ISP Exchange | B: Your Business

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Downloading 200 5Mb Photos

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Downloading 500 2Mb Documents


Voice over IP has secured a firm place in today’s business communications landscape, and as an emerging technology it offers many new advantages.

VoIP features include call recording, queuing and smart routing.

At Triangle, our IT partners often deploy our VoIP services as part of an integrated mix of traditional analogue and digital line services. This approach enables businesses to combine the complimentary reliability and cost benefits that both technologies offer.

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Your office phone,

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Simple or complex call
management configuration

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Mobile phone access
for remote working

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Gigabit UK

World class infrastructure to provide a Gigabit speed fibre internet service, supporting business innovation and growth.

The UK is in the middle of a full-fibre revolution, with businesses across the UK benefitting from being a part of a better connected community. Register your interest, or select a pin to find out more about some of our Digital Communities and Gigabit City Launch projects.

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Partners Icon - Provide revolutionary connectivity to your customers. Enjoy working with a partner that you can trust.

We take the time to get to know your business, its requirements and challenges.

By focusing on long term relationships with our partners, we build cost effective and customised communication systems that work from day one and keep on working.

We bring a wealth of technology experience gained from years of bespoke development projects allowing us to deliver combined, voice, data and mobile solutions.

If you’re interested in partnering with Triangle, please contact us.

Won’t it be refreshing to work with a provider who does exactly what they promise?

Reliable service and outstanding support wherever you are.

A central part of our philosophy is the ‘no nonsense approach’ we’ve become known for. If an issue arises, our team of technicians and advisors will be on the case immediately, aiming for the quickest possible time between report and resolution.

No nonsense means going above and beyond to provide total support for our partners. It’s why you can have the confidence to know that Triangle delivers when it matters; and to us, it matters all the time.