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We're a full-fibre ISP and distributor on a mission to bring gigabit connectivity to as many businesses as possible across the UK, working in partnership with network operators, IT providers, developers, landlords and local community organisations.
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Why Full Fibre?

Today’s businesses rely heavily on online and cloud tools so a fast and reliable internet connection is critical.

That’s why Triangle Networks are delivering a new generation of full-fibre internet services to businesses across the UK via our network of partners. Capable of Gigabit speeds (that’s 1000Mbps!), these connections unleash online and cloud business operations and enable incredible gains in efficiency and productivity.


Internet access is fast becoming the lifeline of any business, with an increasing numbers of businesses relying on reliable, fast connections to operate effectively.

Despite this, many try to limit costs by running their entire operation through insufficient connections; impacting efficiency and, ultimately, the bottom line.

A dedicated full-fibre connection to your premises can increase productivity and will give your business a digital head start over your competitors.

Internet Productivity
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Speeds of up to 1000Mbps
upload AND download

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Truly diverse connection
for ultimate resilience

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Gigabit at a Glance

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Superfast Broadband - Part Fibre & Part Copper

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Fast Fibre Cable

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Slow Copper Cable

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A: ISP Exchange | B: Your Business

Ultrafast Gigabit Full Fibre Service

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Voice over IP has secured a firm place in today’s business communications landscape, and as an emerging technology it offers many new advantages.

VoIP features include call recording, queuing and smart routing.

At Triangle, our IT partners often deploy our VoIP services as part of an integrated mix of traditional analogue and digital line services. This approach enables businesses to combine the complimentary reliability and cost benefits that both technologies offer.

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Mobile phone access
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A Partnership Approach

Partners Icon - Provide revolutionary connectivity to your customers. Enjoy working with a partner that you can trust.

We want to make a difference. We want as many businesses as possible to connect and experience the transformational power of full-fibre. We believe the best way of doing that is to work in partnership with other organisations pushing for the same goals.

We work with IT providers looking to enhance their offering to clients. We work with commercial landlords and developers who want to pre-wire their buildings with full-fibre. We also advise businesses on how they can improve their internet connectivity.

Where We Operate

We have access to all the major UK fibre networks and have a special partnership with full-fibre network provider, CityFibre.

Together with CityFibre, we have launched numerous Gigabit City projects, bringing the very best state-of-the-art infrastructure to businesses across the UK. You can use our postcode checker to check availability in a specific location, or get in touch to find out more about our network coverage.

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Giving Back to Our Gigabit Communities

Community is at the heart of Triangle’s ethos. We want to see the benefits of full-fibre spread as far and wide as possible, and that means bridging the digital divide.

In each city we enter, we engage with the local community to understand how we can best support vital digital projects. We also engage with local charities, donating time and resources and raising money for projects which are helping the communities in which we operate.